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Our expertise

Construction Phase Environmental Consultants form the core of Naturally Compliant’s services. Whether your needs are driven by consent requirements, contractual obligations, or policy mandates, we offer specialised on-site expertise to boost your environmental performance.

Developer/Client Environment and Consent Manager (Client Representative, Environmental Manager)

The Developers Environmental Manager serves as a vital link between the construction team and the environmental objectives of the project. Their expertise maintains environmental compliance throughout the construction process, safeguarding the project’s reputation and reinforcing the commitment to responsible environmental practices.

Responsibilities include​

  • Review the Contractors management plans to assess compliance with contractual and legislative requirements.

  • Assessing the Contractor’s construction phase environmental performance against contractual environmental and consent obligations.

  • Advise the developer project management team of risks and contractual compliance.

Contractors Construction Phase Environmental Advisor/Manager

The Developer retains the ultimate responsibility for ensuring compliance with the consent, but the Contractors’ Environmental Manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing and managing the environmental aspects of the construction phase. They are responsible for ensuring that the project adheres to environmental regulations, contractual obligations, and internal performance targets. By entrusting these responsibilities to the Construction Phase Environmental Manager, the project management team can ensure that environmental compliance is effectively addressed at the operational level, enabling a smoother and more environmentally responsible construction process.

Responsibilities include​

  • Coordinate the development of site-specific environmental management plans in collaboration with technical disciplines.

  • Attain any secondary consents required to deliver the project.

  • Ensure, in collaboration with the Contractor Project Manager, that the environmental mitigations identified in the project environmental management documentation are implemented.

  • Review the projects environmental performance and work proactively to develop adaptive mitigation should it be required.

  • Coordinate any monitoring/reporting required by the contract, internal policies, consents or permits or environmental management documentation.

  • Advising the construction project management team on the projects environmental performance and any need for changes in resources or impacts to programme.

  • Liaise with stakeholders where required.

Ecological Clerk of Works

Ecology can often present a significant risk to a projects programme and or budget. Engaging with ecological specialists can mitigate this risk through the provision of advice and the delivery of ecological mitigation. 

Responsibilities include

  • Providing advice on ecological constraints

  • Undertaking pre activity surveys

  • Delivering ecological mitigation such as

    • Translocations​

    • Habitat manipulation

    • Resting place destruction

    • Licensable activities

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