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Our expertise

We have played a pivotal role in helping the EnvCoW role become more consistent, not only in defining the EnvCoW responsibilities, we have lead pioneering training in an effort to upskill those providing the EnvCoW role. A such, our experienced EnvCoWs have a detailed understanding of the skills required to deliver such a role.

Independent Construction Phase Environmental Auditing

An Environmental Clerk of Works (EnvCoW) is responsible for independently assessing a project’s environmental performance.

Responsibilities include

  • Inspect the construction site at an agreed frequency to assess performance against project environmental management documentation, legislation, and permits/consents.

  • Review the project’s environmental performance data and investigate and report any breach.

  • Report to the Consenting Authority, the Clients/Developers Project Management Team, and the Contractors Project Management Team simultaneously at a previously agreed frequency.

  • Confirm that any adaptive mitigation/remedial action presented by the project team has been implemented in accordance with the plan.

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