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Early planning for success – Bridge upgrade, estimated value £16.85 million

Naturally Compliant provided expert environmental guidance for a tender on a complex bridge upgrade project. Their integration with the tender team led to innovative, cost-effective solutions that minimized environmental risks and enhanced project efficiency. The result was a comprehensive, well-considered tender, demonstrating a deep understanding of both environmental and project requirements.

Naturally Compliant was recently engaged by a longstanding client to offer expert environmental guidance for their tender submission pertaining to an upgrade of a bridge. This project involved the intricate task of replacing an 80-metre segment of a Category A listed structure. To ensure minimal disruption to road users, the implementation of a temporary carriageway was essential. The project presented several technical challenges, most notably conducting operations on mud flats located within areas of significant environmental importance, including a Special Protection Area, Ramsar site, and Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Key environmental concerns

1.       EIA mitigation commitments

2.       Strict pollution discharge thresholds

3.       Physical impact on the mud-flats

4.       Protected species - aquatic, terrestrial and avian

5.       Disturbance of designated site qualifying species

6.       Seasonal work restrictions


Considering the project's sensitive location, it was imperative to effectively communicate the environmental risks and necessary mitigation measures to the tender team. To this end, Naturally Compliant was seamlessly integrated into the team, providing practical advice, and contributing to the development of a robust and efficient delivery strategy. This approach was underpinned by a deep understanding of the technical intricacies inherent in complex civil engineering projects.

During the collaborative process, the tender team identified several opportunities to enhance the project's delivery while simultaneously mitigating environmental and project risks. These alternatives were presented alongside the compliant bid process, offering the client a comparative analysis of both conventional and innovative solutions.

Furthermore, the tender program was meticulously adjusted to factor in potential constraints, such as those arising from consent applications, protected species mitigation periods, and seasonal work restrictions imposed by Impact Assessments. Working in close collaboration with the tender team, Naturally Compliant successfully pinpointed opportunities for programme savings. Working with the tender team we were able to identify programme savings based on alternative solutions, which would also reduce environmental risk.



The tender presented a comprehensive and compliant bid that clearly showcased the tenderer's thorough understanding of the project requirements. It included well-considered pricing and scheduling for all environmental aspects. Impressively, the tender team identified and proposed various innovative modifications to the delivery method. These modifications were aimed not only at minimizing environmental risks but also at enhancing overall program performance and achieving cost reductions.


As ever, early engagement.

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