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Beyond business as usual: Demonstrating environmental stewardship to increase tender success

In our previous article ‘The future of construction phase environmental management and the changing role of the Environmental Clerk of Works’, we delved into the complex terrain of post-Brexit environmental regulations and the evolving role of the Environmental Clerk of Works (EnvCoW).

With the only constant in life being that change is inevitable, let’s look beyond the obvious challenges and embrace the potential. Today, we'll delve into a specific, often-overlooked opportunity: the increasing importance of demonstrating environmental responsibility during the tender process.


The Problem: The traditional approach to tendering

Traditionally, the tender process has been a straightforward affair, dominated by pre-qualification questionnaires and providing company policies. Environmental considerations often take a back seat, viewed as a necessary evil rather than a strategic advantage. This approach not only undermines your project's sustainability but also misses a crucial opportunity to distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace.


Why this is a problem

In an era where stakeholders are increasingly scrutinising your environmental credentials, this old-school approach can be a liability. It exposes you to the risk of falling foul of evolving regulations and alienates a growing segment of environmentally conscious stakeholders. Moreover, it fails to leverage environmental management as a unique selling proposition, a way to proactively sell your project beyond the business as usual.


The opportunity: A new paradigm in tendering

Here lies the golden opportunity: with the focus moving towards more robust environmental requirements from Impact Assessments through to contracts, and higher environmental weightings during the tender process, there's an unprecedented opportunity to make environmental management your competitive edge – to proactively sell yourself beyond the business as usual. Environmental management is no longer just about meeting minimum requirements; it's about exceeding expectations and setting yourself apart.


We’re here to support your success

Naturally Compliant is uniquely positioned to guide you through this new paradigm. We understand the intricacies of this evolving landscape. Our comprehensive support goes beyond mere compliance covering every aspect of your project, from inception to completion. We don't just help you navigate complex regulations; we empower you to turn these challenges into opportunities and leverage environmental management as a strategic asset in your tenders, driving your company’s success.

A case in point

Take our continued collaboration with Prysmian Power Link for example. By integrating one of our Environmental Specialists into their tender team, we didn’t just advise on achieving a compliant bid, and the strategies to deliver a compliant project; we elevated their proposal. By understanding their clients concerns and drivers, we were able to ensure that the tender response highlighted how these would be managed. This of course works both ways, and we were able to engage with our clients to highlight areas of perceived risk in the Impact Assessments, and the contract, which allowed them to negotiate with the developer to achieve a satisfactory position for both parties.

The end result? Prysmian Power Link not only demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of their environmental obligations but also assured developers that they were the most competent and reliable delivery partner for the project. In essence, our collaboration enabled Prysmian to tailor their responses to their client needs, mitigate contractual risks, and position themselves as a partner who not only understands but proactively manages their environmental responsibilities.


Why act now?

The environmental landscape is rapidly evolving. Environmental management in the tender process is no longer a checkbox; it’s an opportunity to proactively sell yourself beyond the business as usual. Every tender you submit without this proactive approach to environmental management is a missed opportunity to distinguish yourself.

Naturally Compliant is offering you a transformation. We help you to navigate the complexities of this new tendering landscape – transforming not just your projects but your entire approach to environmental stewardship. We alleviate the constant firefighting over unexpected environmental issues, the constant questioning from stakeholders, and the uncertainty over regulatory compliance.

So, what's your next move? Contact us for a consultation. Let's explore how we can help you seize this emerging opportunity in your next tender.


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