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The largest cohort to-date will attend the UWS Environmental Clerk of Works Foundation Course

25 Jan 2024

Since its inception in May 2020, the Environmental Clerk of Works Foundation Course has set a benchmark for effective collaboration between industry and academia. This course, the product of a partnership that leverages Naturally Compliant Director Simon Knott’s extensive expertise, offers a comprehensive introduction to the diverse responsibilities of an Environmental Clerk of Works. Gaining recognition with IEMA approval in September 2020, it stands as a testament to its quality and relevance.

Aligned with the Association of Environmental Clerk of Works’ position statement and Heads of Planning Scotland’s paper on “The Role of Environmental Clerk of Works in the Planning System”, our course reinforces the importance of a consistent approach. It delves into the typical challenges and potential conflicts of interest that professionals might encounter in the construction sector, providing a solid foundation in dealing with common technical obstacles.

What truly sets this course apart is the rich blend of perspectives it offers. Participants benefit not just from the insights of the University of the West of Scotland and Naturally Compliant team but also from contributions by representatives from SEPA and local authorities. This unique mix of voices ensures that our course is one of the most comprehensive training events available.

Following the publication of the HoPS paper, we are excited about the continued growth and success of this course. For more information and to join this ground-breaking programme, please follow the this link.

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