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Tackling Global Challenges: The New BSc in Applied Environmental Science and Sustainability at UWS

23 Aug 2023

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the University of the West of Scotland, Simon Knott, Director of Naturally Compliant, recently supported the validation review of a new degree programme.

The BSc (Hons) Applied Environmental Science and Sustainability is ideal if you want to play your part in finding solutions concerned with the combined impacts of climate change, biodiversity loss and unsustainable resource management and their implications the future stability of life support systems on our planet.

“I am proud of our deepening connection with the University,” says Simon. “As we navigate towards a future cantered on low-carbon building solutions, there will be an increased demand for environmental professionals in the construction sector. It’s my hope that partnerships like ours will pave the way, cultivating training initiatives that are vital for the cause.”

For more information about bespoke training by Naturally Compliant and the University of the West of Scotland, click here.”

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