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SEPA Recognises Environmental Knowledge Gap in Construction

6 Feb 2019

In their consultation on the proposed Sector Plan for Strategic Infrastructure (Transport and Utilities) (Consultation closes on 15/02/19), SEPA recognise that knowledge is a key issue in impeding compliance achievement. Within that they identify that “the workforce is not adequately trained in environmental issues” and that there “is a poor awareness of environmental obligations”.

Analysis of two £100 million plus projects where Naturally Compliant provided environmental monitoring resource provides evidence to support these assumptions. Between the two projects, 33% of the incidents reported were due to a lack of site operative/engineer knowledge or awareness. This was the single largest root cause and therefore offers the greatest opportunity to improve environmental performance.

When SEPA are assessing an incident they will of course look at the incident itself, but they are starting to look at the control measures put in place, do the RAMS provide enough information for the operative to remain compliant, is the operative aware of their obligations? SEPA will start looking up the management chain to discover where the failing occurred. If, as a Principle Contractor, you train your operatives on their environmental obligations, the chances of non-compliance diminish which reduces the risk of enforcement action against yourself or your company.

Naturally Compliant offer an Environmental Awareness course aimed at site operatives and engineers on the ground. This is offered as CPD by the Institute of Civil Engineers and is also accredited as CPD by CPD UK. Unlike other environmental awareness courses on the market, we focus on the basics of remaining compliant in the high-risk areas of water management, waste, Invasive Non-Native Species and protected species.

If you would like to discuss in house training please get in touch, if you would like to receive ICE recognised CPD follow the link above.

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